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I'm a passionate creative trying to connect with people through my art.

Maria Rodriguez

Artist Statement


I am an artist. I paint because I have to. My body and soul need to express what they feel and imagine. It is a creative energy that cannot be contained.


I began painting as a child. I started with paint by number canvases at a very young age. After I completed one of these canvases, I realized that I have creative ideas and a longing to express, share and link visually and spiritually with the world. I discovered that I had a talent for drawing and reproducing on paper what my eyes and mind perceived. It is a gift that I feel a responsibility to share.


I have the obligation to express emotions and experiences in order to connect with humanity. I believe that when we have a kinship with others we relate to our source. When we feel connection we do not feel desolate on this planet.  Feeling isolated and forlorn is one of the greatest causes of suffering, disease and dysfunction in our world.


As humans we have the same or very similar experiences of life. When we realize this affinity we feel a sense of relationship and communion.

I paint for the purpose of self-discovery, healing, connection, empathy, and compassion.


When my work is flowing freely I feel a sense of connection to my source. Often I cannot stop the process and will paint for hours and hours without stopping for food or drink. I feel empowered and confident. I feel bold and fearless. I feel honest and free.

Through my veracity I want to challenge, enable and support others to have integrity. I want the viewer to be open to their own creative source and to be honest and trust in their process of personal self-discovery, self-love and connection to the world. I feel that I have done my job when my work reaches people….when my paintings evoke any emotions or feelings of communion….when I provoke contemplation of self and life.


In the course of my work I use a brush, knives and my hands and often choose acrylic as well as mixed media to create my paintings. Most of my canvases are larger in scale, because it feels more effective in expressing myself. I prefer the freedom in working with a more spacious terrain. I balance color and composition. I often opt to use this acrylic, because it has body, can create texture and dimension quickly, and it dries fast for layering. It allows me to express freely so I do not lose the power in the creative energy that needs to be expressed.  The visual tactile element of the thick paint and medium expresses emotions dramatically. I like to paint with a free flowing stroke that also evokes passion. Usually I use bold, vivid color and contrasting tones. Red is my favorite color, because to me it expresses passion. I want my work to reflect drama, freedom of expression and courage.



My goals as an artist are to continue to experiment with other dimensional media and to express myself through other visual means. In my work with mixed media I create three dimensional wall pieces and sculpture to communicate my experiences more abstractly.  My desire is to continue to reach people and connect with them. Art is the tool for connection.

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